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Event Calendar
Tuesday 1st September 2020
01 - Unlocking Workforce Potential
  • Chairs Introduction
  • Prioritising agility and mobility in a fast-paced working environment
  • How creating a culture of trust that celebrates innovation, and even failure, can yield serious results
  • Understanding the skills that are crucial to your organisation’s future success
  • How to apply workforce technology to unlock human potential
Tuesday 15th September 2020
02 - How the Future of Work is Changing
  • Chairs Introduction
  • What does a modern, agile workforce actually look like in 2020 and beyond?
  • How remote working can break down silos and allow for better communication
  • Ensuring IT infrastructure readiness in a digital age
  • How will Covid-19 impact the way we work moving forwards?
Tuesday 29th September 2020
03 - Performance Management Innovations
  • Chairs Introduction
  • Why is performance management so important and is it generally in need of an update?
  • Why clear goals and measurable expectations can lead to greater output
  • Rewarding performance effectively - the key to long-term retention
  • Why self-evaluations are just as important as employer monitoring
Tuesday 13th October 2020
04 - The Growing Impact of the Digital Workplace
  • Chairs Introduction
  • Exploring the impact of AI in the workplace and the question of human vs machine
  • Translating the digital workplace into a beneficial experience for employees
  • How have the global tech giants changed employee expectations?
  • The workplace of the future: How will things change over the next 5-10 years
Tuesday 27th October 2020
05 - The Employee Wellbeing Discussion
  • Chairs Introduction
  • What does a positive work-life balance look like?
  • Is there still a long way to go to improve mental health in the workplace
  • How can you measure wellbeing? Are your strategies actually working?
  • How can technology benefit employee wellbeing?
Tuesday 10th November 2020
05 - Prioritising Learning & Development
  • Chairs Introduction
  • Why continuous learning is important and how it impacts your organisation?
  • Can you have too much focus on L&D? At what point does it become overwhelming?
  • Understanding the pros and cons of emerging tech for L&D departments
  • Not just the job of HR - How L&D needs management buy-in