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What is Fintech Friday?
Produced by Next In Tech, the organisers behind MoneyNext 2020, Fintech Friday was set up to boost learning, conversation and connections at a time of global lockdown and uncertainty.

An industry driven by the latest in technology innovation needs discussion and debate to continue to move forward.

Delivered online, Fintech Friday showcases industry leading voices through short, topical presentations and panel debate.

Interactive chat channels allow our live audience to pose questions and join the discussion.

Reserve your free place for bi-weekly panel discussions covering the latest financial services trends, featuring some of the leading industry names and most innovative contributors.
Event Calendar
Friday 1st May 2020
01 - The Future of Digital Banking
  • Chairs Introduction
  • How have customers changed their banking expectations?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of app-led, mobile banking
  • Can traditional banks provide a truly digital offering?
  • How will banking change over the next 5 years?
Jason Maude
Chief Technology Advocate
Starling Bank
Janet Jones
Head of Industry Strategy
Ritesh Jain
Former Head of Delivery
Digital Technology Foundation, 
Anton Ruddenklau
Head of Digital & Innovation
Marjan Delatinne
Global Head of Banking
Friday 15th May 2020
02 - Open Banking and APIs
  • Chairs Introduction
  • How will open banking shape financial services in the future?
  • Do the general public really care about Open Banking?
  • What API success stories have we seen in the last two years?
  • What does effective regulation look like in a new API ecosystem?
Chris Higham
Head of Strategy & Change - Payments
Virgin Money
Iana Vidal
Head of Policy & Government Affairs
Innovate Finance
Hugo Rousseau
Programme Manager - Financial Services
Tech UK
Hugh McCullen
Former Portfolio Director - Open Banking
Shubhanga Prasad
Director, Strategy
OakNorth Bank
Friday 29th May 2020
03 - The Impact of AI in Financial Services
  • Chairs Introduction
  • Why is AI revolutionising Financial Services?
  • What are the drawbacks to focusing on AI technology?
  • Driving efficiency and productivity through AI automation
  • How to scale up AI from pilot projects to company-wide solutions
Roshan Rohatgi
Senior Innovations & Entrepreneurship
Nidhi Nikum
Advisory Board Member and ex- ANZ Senior Manager
E2W Limited
Adri Purkayastha
Group Head of AI and Technology/Digital Risk Analytics
BNP Paribas Group
Swati Kalra
Change and Transformation Lead - Banking
Sarah Rench
Director of Data, AI and Industry Solutions Financial Services
Friday 12th June 2020
04 - The Impact of an Increasingly Cashless Society
  • Chairs Introduction
  • Is a largely cashless society genuinely within reach or still a long way off?
  • How can technology boost financial inclusion?
  • What is the potential human cost to removing cash from society too early
  • The benefits of going cashless: Crime, convenience and the challenges to overcome
Friday 26th June 2020
05 - Becoming More Customer-Centric
  • Chairs Introduction
  • How is today’s digital world changing customer expectations?
  • How to create a seamless digital journey for customers
  • Making the most of your customer data and exploring AI
  • To what extent has progress been slowed by regulatory restrictions, security concerns and outdated legacy systems
Friday 10th July 2020
06 - Blockchain: Revolutionary or Over-Hyped
  • Chairs Introduction
  • What tangible Blockchain use-cases have we seen and what impact have these projects had?
  • How is the tokenization of assets disrupting the financial industry
  • Is there still a viable future for Cryptocurrency?
  • What is holding back widespread blockchain adoption?
Friday 24th July 2020
07 - Disruptive Innovations in Payments
  • Chairs Introduction
  • What do customers expect from next-gen payments?
  • How is data collection and analysis revolutionising payments?
  • How should PayTech be regulated moving forwards?
  • What will the payments ecosystem look like in 5 years' time?
Friday 7th August 2020
08 - Collaboration and Co-opetition
  • Chairs Introduction
  • How can Fintechs and traditional banks work more collaboratively
  • Has Open Banking and APIs generated an opportunity or a threat to financial institutions
  • Why collaboration is crucial to the rapid adoption of emerging technology and innovation
  • Sharing the risk: Why partnerships are the future for fintechs
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