Digital Roundtables
Private Online Discussion to Learn, Share and Connect with Industry Colleagues and Peers.
Each of our roundtables drive 45 minutes of thought-leading discussion from like-minded business leaders – focused around a relevant topic, problem or discussion point.
How it Works:

  • Attendees are selected based on the company they work for, role and topics of interest
  • Conducted by video conference, a host will chair the discussion amongst the participants
  • Each participant is given the opportunity to contribute as much or as little as they like over the 45 minutes.
Value for the Roundtable Host
  • Develop valuable relationships with intelligence based prospects
  • Position yourself as a thought leader amongst senior industry executives and connections
  • Accelerate traditionally long sales cycles
  • Create, moderate and develop unique conversations with existing clients and target prospects
Value for the Attendee
  • Learn, share and connect from the comfort of your work place
  • Network with fellow senior executives
  • Share problems and solutions with likeminded peers
  • Leave with fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and new connections
Get Involved
Interested in taking part in a Digital Roundtable? Would you like to be on our table of thought-leaders? Or host a bespoke discussion?

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